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The Popcherry Look

Friday, August 29, 2014
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Sportsgirl Velvet Blazer
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Lipstik Heels
Color Me Missy Infinity Necklace Etsy
Color Me Missy Infinity Necklace
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Lipstik Heels
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Lipstik Heels

Wearing: Popcherry's Sakura Geisha Playsuit in Navy (similar here) thanks to Popcherry; Lipstik Pronto Black Heels; Sportsgirl Velvet Blazer in Navy; Color Me Missy Infinity Necklace in Rose Gold thanks to Color Me Missy

It is now August, and it seems as time has really flown this year. Mainly because 2014 has been a year of great change for me - some bad, some good. I know in my heart I don't like change but I guess that's just life.
Despite a falling out I had with a friend in February that is still effecting my life in many ways, I've been trying really hard to focus on the positive around me.
Firstly, I finally bought myself a car. It's an amazing feeling to own one, knowing I have the freedom to drive where I want and not have a curfew. It's also been exciting (and quite scary) to learn manual (and yes I chose to a manual car!) but in the end I know its worth it.
Secondly, I have now a clear vision of what I want my life to be. I am conscious of my money these days, finally realising that I can contribute my funds to something useful (like my car or holidays). I have been really silly with my money and have been making excuses to not venture out and do anything big.
Thirdly, I've got an amazing man in my life that has made me so happy. He is caring and kind, and a little funny, maybe what you would call 'handsome'. He encourages me to do all these new things, to challenge myself and to see who I am in a different light - despite all my stubbornness because I don't like change. He sometimes watches me fight back and hear me say harsh words because I can't see the things he can see in me and I get frustrated because I don't believe in myself. Yet, he has stuck around so far. And I am grateful and sometimes I feel foolish at my behaviour.
But he is definitely the best thing to have ever happened to me.
And last but not least, I still love my fashion. I acquired this beautiful Sakura Geisha Playsuit from Popcherry. Paired with my Sportsgirl velvet blazer and Lipstik heels it makes it one my favourite outfits this year. I love the floral print against the navy background. 

With these changes, mostly positive, I hope to live out the rest of 2014 well. It also helps that I will be going snowboarding this weekend with my best friend and new man! So excited. Time to swap the heels for snowboarding boots and hope I come back in one piece.

Introducing Alphatise: A new online Marketplace

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Introducing: Alphatise, a new online market place. Bought to you by Nuffnang

I consider myself quite a resourceful and educated shopper. I shop in stores, boutiques, online – namely Etsy, eBay, iTunes and directly through company websites. I take the time to find the best bargains and compare prices. I also bought things influenced by my peers – friend and family purchases, bloggers I admire and even what comes through to me on my Facebook feed. It’s a huge marketplace out there and sometimes it can be confusing and cluttered.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was introduced to something amazing this week: Alphatise. It’s a new online market place that offers something quite unique – Alphatise gives buyers the power to tell sellers what they want and the price they are prepared to pay.
Being introduced via a free iOS and Android app, or accessed via any browser on the 5th August 2014, Alphatise allows consumers to request a product they want to buy and state the price they are prepared to pay for it. Consumers simply submit ‘wishes’ for these products and if the seller agrees, then the deal is offered and the sale is completed. It’s a smarter and powerful way to shop.
To increase consumer influence and power, buyers can also share their wish through social networks, so others can join on in the same deal. This makes the wish higher in demand. For example, if an individual wants to purchase a Samsung TV for $800 and 20 people also want the same deal, the seller can arrange that deal for everyone or a selected number.
The seller is also at an advantage, knowing that they have customers ready to purchase a product at that moment in time. With millions of products to choose from, sellers can be individuals, small companies, resellers, distributors or high street retailers. The products are from a huge range of fashion, technology, food and household goods. Eventually Alphatise will expand that range to cars, furniture and even holidays.
To get started, consumers download the free app via the iTunes or Play Store, or access Alphatise through the browser. Simply create an account using your email or sign in via Facebook or Twitter.
By logging in, you can head into the ‘Discover’ tab and browse a range of popular stores or products. Build a ‘wishlist’ by setting up a percentage discount or price point you want to purchase items with. Then you simply sit back and wait for sellers to act on the deal you’ve wished for. A notification is sent to your phone and you simply redeem online or in store. It’s that easy! It’s quite a seamless and simpler way to shop online.

Alphatise have really tapped into consumer trends and what they really want and what they strive for. After more than 2 years in the making and attracting $3 million of funding, this Australian social commerce start up Alphatise is ready to release their innovative online marketplace.

I’m on board, ready to shop seamlessly where I have power and influence at my fingertips – you should be too. Get on board by visiting Alphatise or download the app via the iTunes or Play Store and creating an account today!

Food Diary August 2014 (Grano, Superbowl and Ben & Jerry's)

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Grano Restaurant Wetherill Park Sydney Food Blog
Superbowl Chinatown Sydney Food Blog
Superbowl Chinatown Sydney Food Blog
Superbowl Chinatown Sydney Food Blog
Superbowl Chinatown Sydney Food Blog
Ben and Jerry's Coconut seven layer bar Ice Cream Food Blog
Ben and Jerry's Coconut seven layer bar Ice Cream Food Blog

Food Diary August 2014: Grano Restaurant in Wetherill Park (Photos 1-7); Superbowl Restaurant in Chinatown, Sydney (Photos 8-11); Ben & Jerry's Coconut Seven Layer Bar Ice cream in a Chocolate & Peanut dipped waffle cone (Photos 12-13)

Hmmmm it's truly been a while since I've blogged and I send my apologies. I realise that yes, I have huge gaps spanning from 4 to 10 days between posts and a lag between Instagram and Facebook posts. Yet at the same time I do not regret losing some of my discipline because actually, I've found something quite wonderful.
I've found someone truly special to share my life with and it's sweet, different, amazing, distracting and fulfilling. I have been spending every moment I can possibly acquire with this man. I'm only blogging now because I have a day off work and he doesn't - so I've finally gone through my emails and edited my photos and I am finding my drive for blogging again.

Besides being in a new relationship and also purchasing a new manual car (more on that later) I still have a passion for food and food photography. Today I share with you some local talent, what I like to call 'Cheat Eats' and my favourite dessert right now.

It's nice to know that in my area I can find gourmet Italian food. I visited Grano again to try out more dishes. On our table we ordered the gnocchi, prawn pizza, chips, calamari and anchovies plate and spaghetti bolognese. Everything was made fresh and from the produce Grano grow in their gardens that are located at the front of the restaurant. This restaurant plates their food on vintage cans, the pans they are cooked in or on wood boards giving it a rustic, organic vibe. I highly recommend this place for Italian in the Sydney area as the staff are also friendly and accommodating.

For late-night, cheap, traditional and delicious food I always head to Superbowl in Chinatown when I want to have a feed after midnight. I tend to order the same things because I love it and its great comfort food. This includes Congee with fried bread, Handmade Noodles in XO sauce, and Pipis in XO Sauce. This time around I ordered Fried Chilli Chicken with steamed rice. It never disappoints and every dish starts from like $8.00. The place is a little crowded, rushed and noisy but the food is amazing. Feels like I'm really in bustling China.

Of course, dessert has to come somewhere into this post. I found a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop and tried out the Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. The flavour includes coconut and chocolate flakes, walnuts, cookies and butterscotch. It tastes as amazing as it looks and I can tell you now that I was in sweet-tooth heaven after my first bite.

So all in all, life is looking quite good and exciting at the moment and I can't wait to share more of my food, driving, romance and fashion adventures with you soon. It's nice to finally be a place where I realise how wonderful life is right in the present moment.

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